Centrum Polsko-Francuskie

Polish-French friendship in a unique edition

Client Centrum Polsko-Francuskie
Scope Print & Strategy
Country Poland
Sector Education
Year 2020

The Center, also known as the House of Brittany in Warmia and Masuria, is a provincial, self-government cultural institution whose mission is to promote the development of local democracy through Polish-French regional cooperation in line with the idea of a united and democratic Europe. The primary scope of the Center's activities involves popularizing French culture, art, and language through language courses, library services, exhibitions, and the organization of cultural events (French Culture Days and Brittany Days), educational, and social meetings.


Our task was to create a branding campaign informing about the existence of the institution and promoting its activities. The challenge was to develop a distinctive and cohesive visual campaign along with a compelling advertising slogan. The only ready visual element we had was the Center’s logo provided by the client.


In our communication, we proposed a conceptually rich phrase ‘Get to know French/France…’ that emphasizes the diversity of topics that may interest the audience of CPF activities. Moving from the general to the specific, as a central theme and graphic symbol for the campaign, we chose the so-called French mustache.


To create a consistent campaign image, we adopted simple rules for creating advertising graphics.


Firstly, we desaturate the photo and cut out the main object from the background. We overlay a blue color on the background – in reference to the CPF color scheme. If there is a person in the photo, we add a mustache to them. We place a text composition with the advertising slogan. In the upper left corner, we insert the CPF logo, and in the lower right, we include a description of the photo.

on the photo: Édouard Manet
on the photo: Ploumanac'h Lighthouse
on the photo: Victor Hugo
on the photo: St. Paul's Church in Strasbourg
on the photo: alpine Ibex
on the photo: Renault 4
on the photo: Pont du Gard
on the photo: Mont-Saint-Michel
on the photo: french macarons
on the photo: folding umbrella, an invention of Parisian cobbler Jean Marius