About us

We help our clients grow in strength. From an idea, through strategy, creation, to an effective campaign - we effectively support the development of companies. Our work always starts with a full understanding of your business.

We think in design, and focus on people and their needs. We are experienced in large projects and remote work with clients from all over the world. Acting in such a way allows as to significantly improve the perception of your services and products.



This is the path your company will follow. An in-depth understanding of your products, target audience, competition. The most important fact is that your brand's values ​​and mission are critical to experience design. We start each project with an analysis, which allows us to take a holistic look at your company and determine the best development paths.


Presenting an idea with an established strategy in an attractive and effective graphic form is a challenge that our graphic designers take to the workshop. Concept, initial designs, and finally logo creations, business cards, banners, applications, pages or animations that are to trigger the engagement of your customers. We believe that great design is not only supposed to evoke aesthetic and inspiring experiences, but also to drive business goals.


We reach your future clients with an established message. A fixed budget, actions resulting from the strategy, a carefully set schedule - all this is the basis for the implementation of an effective campaign that will achieve the set goal.

W codziennej pracy pomaga nam muzyka



We believe in a clear message, with no room for guesswork. We try to make every moment of our cooperation fully clear. It is our task to constantly optimize the process of cooperation with clients to make it as understandable as possible for them


Our creativity, ideas and non-standard approach are our greatest value. Thanks to our imagination, we create projects for our clients that we are proud of.


Your brand has ambitions to develop and become better. We also want to create extraordinary and innovative creations that provide unique brand experiences. That is why we will always convince you to be one step ahead of the competition.


Our activities are to help your business grow. Whether it is customer acquisition, launching a new brand on the market, or improving the company's image among clients - the goal is always the most important.

Team that makes The Panda going

CEO | Master of puppets
Andrzej Sadowski andrzej@pandamarketing.pl

CEO. Responsible for the development and direction of Panda Marketing. Experienced in creating strategies for companies and start-ups combined with a deep understanding of business processes and customer behaviour.

Design Team Leader | One-man army
Maciej Skibiński maciej@pandamarketing.pl

An experienced graphic designer who feels particularly comfortable with complex image themes and UX projects. An oasis of calm, he is not afraid of new challenges and tight deadlines.

Marketing Team Leader | Burberry Wannabe
Katarzyna Pruska kasia@pandamarketing.pl

Creates brand communication strategies, implements content marketing activities and takes care of brand business goals. A specialist in social selling, she helps brands to realize their sales potential. Enthusiastically observes novelties in marketing.

Office Manager | Guardian Angel
Monika Krawczak monika@pandamarketing.pl

Office Manager. She is able to control the paper chaos like no one else. He cares about the atmosphere at work and appreciates the variety of tasks.

Designer | Vinci
Krzysztof Brewka krzysiek@pandamarketing.pl

Graphic Designer. He feels great in complex branding topics, including interior design. In his work he focuses on a compromise between aesthetics and usability.

Junior Social Media Specialist | The Avant-Garde Homie
Łukasz Morgiewicz lukasz.morgiewicz.@pandamarketing.pl

In his work as a copywriter, the most interesting thing for him/her is the constant confrontation with the reception of the created content. Continuous improvement in the art of writing and testing the created content are the things thanks to which there is no question of boredom at work.

Junior Designer | Johnny Silverhand
Adrianna Gargas ada.gargas@pandamarketing.pl

Junior graphic designer. Behind a graphic desk, she feels best in projects that require a creative approach and she can develop my illustrative talent with them.


Panda is looking for cool people who have a passion for creation. If you feel our values ​​- contact us.