ASLAB Science

ASLAB – Focused on innovation

Client ASLAB Science
Scope Branding & Strategy & UX/UI
Country Poland
Sector Science

ASLAB Science is a pioneering company dedicated to discovering, developing, and delivering innovative solutions that drive the success of organizations in the pharmaceutical and food technology sectors.

The brand’s promise is clear: a commitment to innovation that permeates every aspect of its operations. The interdisciplinary team of experts at ASLAB Science utilizes robust scientific data and modern research methods to create original and unique products that meet and anticipate global needs.

The company was created by an international team consisting of professionals who are among the best experts in the pharmaceutical, food, medical device, and clinical research industries. Operations are conducted on an international scale, with laboratories located in Poland – in Warsaw and Kutno.

ASLAB needed a comprehensive development of its image both visually and verbally. The culmination of all the work was to be a branding that exudes purity, elegance, futurism, and an exclusive character.

The work of a highly specialized scientist exemplifies continuous exploration. It involves the constant search for innovative methods and technologies. It is about engaging with the unknown, blazing new trails, and being a pioneer. Often, under the influence of several unknown elements, we achieve an unexpected result that defines knowledge. This can be compared to focusing a lens, where, throughout the entire process, the object of our interest takes shape and transforms from something unclear into a distinct effect.
Inspired by the above, we created a symbol that combines the idea of seeing through a glass lens and the interaction of two elements, leading to a surprising discovery.
To reflect the brand’s business nature, a comprehensive strategic foundation was developed to define its core identity. The idea of focus and discovery was emphasized again, combining the meanings of ‘focus’ as concentrating thoughts and aiming toward a specific goal.
The brand used specially designed 3D glass visuals to illustrate its daily themes. Combined with a key visual of diffractive glass, this creates a consistent message in visuals, strategy, and words.