A view to the future – case study for Noctiluca

Client Noctiluca
Scope Branding & UX/UI
Country Poland & United States
Sector Research and technology
Year 2021

Noctiluca is a startup that develops next-generation OLED emitting materials - chemical compounds that form the fundamental basis of OLED displays. They are used in televisions, smartphones, mobile devices and many other consumer devices.


Our initial task was just to prepare a new website. An analysis of the materials and the limitations of the logo at the time led to the decision to make changes in the branding area as well. We did not want to take the course of further visual development without taking care of the right fundamentals. Initially reluctant to the rebranding process itself, the management eventually fully shared our new brand vision. Step by step, we broadened the scope of the activities carried out, so that instead of just changing the logo, we eventually built a full visual system, which was presented not only in Poland, but also in the United States during Display Week 2022 in San Jose, California. It was positively received by both the company’s management and potential investors.

The new visual identity has become the basis for further development of the company and the creation of a vision of a professional group of specialists among potential investors worldwide.

In working on the logo, we took a direction related to the company name. Noctiluca Pelagia is a type of jellyfish that inspired the company’s creators. It is commonly known as the luminous jellyfish. Seeing it in the dark is definitely something that takes your breath away. In the construction of the logo, we referred to the specific view of the jellyfish from above. We can then only see the circular mantle along with a clearly defined pattern of gonads, which are brighter than everything around them.
On the basis of material from the specialists at Noctiluca and an exploration of the subject matter, a new website structure was created. During the mockup process, details of the functionality of individual sub-pages and their content were worked out. We were responsible for the entire development process up to and including implementation of the website. A year after the completion of the first version of the site, the website was developed with further E-commerce elements.
The final element of the project was the preparation of a series of graphics illustrating the possibilities OLED technology gives us in everyday areas of our lives. In addition, we prepared a set of exhibition materials, the presentation of which took place during Display Week 2022 in San Jose, CA. The entire set, together with selected lighting elements in the form of cubes, created an ideal background for the presentation of Noctiluca technology.