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Discounts in Social Media – it would seem that the banal. But how about the idea of creatively communicating the store on Facebook? We managed to achieve this in the case of the Rast chain stores in Olsztyn. Shops that are next door, where you’ll find local, fresh products. Design, submission, printing and release of leaflets and newsletters in 24 hours. As the old Peruvian proverb says: “What can not be done, how is it possible?”. Read how we manage to release a large amount in such a short time.


Putting on transparency, being in the neighborhood and promoting food products from local suppliers. Focusing on the points that determine the advantage over other stores of this type in the area and running advertising campaigns, reaching more recipients.

– Promotion of organic food

– Action to reach for products with a good composition for young children

– Promotion of companies and breeders from Warmia and Mazury

– Culinary workshops with local restaurateurs


The design, submission, printing of leaflets and newspapers by Carrefour is another task that we have faced and resulted from great cooperation with Rast.

How to release a large amount of newsletters and leaflets in 24 hours?

Specialized graphic designers, direct communication with the customer, attention to the quality of on-site printing, control of packaging and dispatching.

In this way, within 24 hours of receiving the materials from the client, leaflets and advertising leaflets are available to recipients all over north-eastern Poland.




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