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Ochotnicze Hufce Pracy is a state budget unit supervised by the minister responsible for labor. OHP is an institution of the labor market that performs tasks specified in the Act on Labor Market Institutions and Employment Promotion, specializing in activities for the benefit of young people and the unemployed up to 25 years of age.



Creating a friendly, functional and responsive website for Volunteer Labor Corps based on the latest standards

One of the main assumptions when creating the OHP website was to create a place that will not be prepared only on the basis of materials provided by the client, as it is the case in most cases of website creation. We wanted the website to be functional and well planned to be created as a result of close cooperation with OHP teams and was a response to their needs.

On the basis of meetings and detailed discussions with OHP departments responsible for European Union programs, training, and projects, a few initial mockups of the website were created.



The mock-ups were aimed at building a friendly website structure. The previous page of the client was opaque, contained a lot of unstructured information. We also wanted to go towards people to whom the client’s offer is directed and streamlined, to automate the communication process and submit forms.

Paper forms that needed to be printed and submitted personally or sent to the address provided were replaced by e-forms.

The relatively long work on the mock-up translated into well-thought-out site design and transparency. The client provided the materials needed to be placed on the site, we dealt with the graphics page, rewriting the text content and placing the materials. The final step was to switch the site to the domain and create several subdomains for better positioning.


Several months of site testing showed that it is clear, transparent and improves the work of OHP employees. The idea of introducing e-forms was a hit. After great cooperation on the creation of the website, help for OHP in the field of website updates and graphical support was implemented, the website would be attractive, and content on it was substantive.

New graphics quality and creation of new materials came with the new website:

– graphics on Facebook
– a directory of OHP services
– business cards
– poster
– advertising banners
– visualization of the exhibition system and identification of the company outside the building



Taking care of the coherence of the image, all materials were prepared with the preservation of the adopted graphic concept: kept in red/blue/black with a similar layout of content.

Currently, we support the client in the process of creating company materials, we analyze statistics from changes introduced on the website, we advise on image and marketing issues. The task we have been working on lately is the renovation of the RUCH kiosk and rearranging it to the OHP information desk.


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