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I.V. Clinic is the first network of regenerative centers in Poland offering intravenous infusions, specialist medical consultations, dietetic, physiotherapeutic and aesthetic medicine.
Currently, you can visit I.V.Clinic in Warsaw, Łódź, Olsztyn, and Kraków.


2018 - now


LV Clinic has asked us to design a modern website. It was supposed to be neat, fast and attractive visually.

So we got to work. The key to creating an effective website is to act in stages when creating it. In the case of I.V. Clinic divided the work into several stages:

1. Brief – here we wanted to get to know the target group, the company’s goal and mission, the existing visual identity, and the current marketing strategy. All of this has shown us what the client wants the site for, what its purpose is and where it is in the process of increasing brand recognition and gaining customer recognition.

2. A clear goal – it results from the previous point, it is important at this stage to ensure the correct structure of the website and other elements responsible for its effective positioning.

3. Wireframe – a piece of paper and pencil in hand and create a mock-up of the page. It is important at this stage to draw a skeleton of what will be on the target page.

4. Content – the client provides content, and our copywriter edits it, so that not only substantive but also commas agree.

5. Graphic design – graphics are taken for work and based on previous points, design a page layout, take into account how the site will be presented on desktops and mobile devices

6. Encoding – programmers roll up their sleeves and give life back

7. SEO

8. Implementation


The website came out so well that we decided with I.V. Clinic to continue cooperation and transfer it to related areas. And that’s how we dealt with Social Media channels, graphic design, and editorial design.

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