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2018 - now


Design and editorial of an information folder for participants of the biggest tech med event in Europe.

Almost 50-page information folder made in record-breaking time. The option of express implementation forced the selection of a dedicated team that focused all forces on this one project.

Establishing a remote communication system with a client with efficient information transfer is an extremely important element when the project implementation time is set to “faster than ASAP”.

On the client side, a coordinator has selected that collected feedback from several other people who were responsible for the contents that were to be found in the folder.


After accepting the graphic design, the coordinating person on the client’s side came to give us all the details regarding the printout. The project had to meet the requirements of the printing house and be prepared in a very short time. Effective communication allowed for the creation of a graphic design that perfectly meets the client’s expectations and is consistent with the visual basis of the entire event.

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