The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Use Facebook for Business

Let’s be honest here–Facebook isn’t slowing down. There are more than 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook, which includes a 17% spike in two years. For your business, brand or enterprise company, this channel is unavoidable if you’re truly trying to create a worthwhile play in social media marketing.

Your Facebook marketing strategy has to be unique. There’s an ocean of potential customers you can reach on Facebook. But with a larger pool, it’s harder to dissect and find your spot within its space.

Do have Complete and Active Social Profiles
Most of Social Media Do’s and Don’ts Guides suggest everyone to do have complete and active Social profiles on those networks that are best fit for their businesses, as this ensures the needed engagement
Partially completed profiles are not considered credible. It is advisable to choose a name or handle that easily describes you. It is very important to thoughtfully fill out all the profile information. Using logos and providing impactful portrait of your personality will ensure better credibility and result-driven recognition

Be Consistent with your Business Profiles
When you create a Social profile to ensure some kind of conversion, being consistent with the types of content you share is one thing that Social Media Do’s and Don’ts Guides always suggest
If you run a business page and share your personal incident that is irrelevant to your business then that would make your page insignificant in front of your target

Be Unique and Engaging with your Sharing
Your branding is directly proportional to the content you share and that is why it is very important to ensure a representation of you and/or your business that translates your uniqueness and expertize in the most convincing way possible
You should be proud of who you are and what your business talks about, as this adds credibility to your brand voice and creates a ground for healthy discussion on the related Social Channels
Do Make Relationships
When it comes to Social Media Do’s and Don’ts, one of the most important do’s is using Social Media to nurture existing relationships and simultaneously build new ones as well
To make an effective relationship, knowing how often you should engage with your target audiences is very important. Using Social Media tools that automate updates to clients’ social media accounts would be very helpful in this

Do Prioritize Your Networks
Trying every available or new social network is strictly ruled out by Social Media Do’s and Don’ts Guide. You should focus on those networks that are best fit for your business and target audiences accordingly
LinkedIn is very useful and considered as best for B2B businesses while Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. also help in ensuring B2C and B2B marketing depending upon your target base
Regularly Interact with Your Audience
Regular interaction via helpful content is useful, plus, regular interaction with your followers is always fruitful. If you see a question or comment that you can respond, you should send the person a friendly reply.
You can ask your connections and friends for recommendations. Making connection online as you do in your regular life is very important to ensure success via social media marketing
Here’s an example of a tweet to Coca-Cola that is responded by company

Do Entertain and Inform your Audience
Your Social Media posts should be more directed towards entertaining and informing your audience than selling the product and service
Social Media Do’s and Don’ts Guides suggest 80/20 rule in which 80 percent of the content of your post should be informative and entertaining and only 20% of it should be salesy
Use Right Content on Right Network
Each social media network has its own specific kinds of audiences and comprehending this and creating content as per the particular Social network is very important
Twitter deals with rapid-fire conversations, LinkedIn best channelizes business conversation and Facebook ensures better casual community engagement

Be Visually Appealing
Photos and videos are known for ensuring better engagement. Tweets with images earn 18% more clicks, 89% more likes and 150 percent more retweets
In case your business relies heavily on visuals then offering visual engagement on social media platforms is considered highly beneficial
Maintain an Identity across all Networks
Having a brand identity across all social networks is very important that you need to pay heed to when sharing content on different networks
You should try to establish a clear vision of your brand and then translate the same via different posts on all the networks. You can opt for same profile picture, color scheme or business name to make your business easily recognizable

Try New Ideas, Have Fun and Be Selective
Using new ideas and being creative not only help you have fun but also aid you to make your posts engaging and viral. You should opt for different types of content and try to keep your messages conversational
When making connection and friends, it is advisable to be selective and should not connect or accept to every request that comes your way
Always posses Good Behavior
Possessing good behavior and not being offensive or aggressive in your approach is very important to have productive fan base on your Social networks
Incorporating good online behavior makes your business available to the audiences of all age group

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